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  • The Life of My Dreams

    Posted by Lin on July 26, 2023 at 14:10

    In career & finances, there’s lots of value to declaring goals & non-negotiables with dreams that scare you. You won’t hit them all, however it gives you a structure to live by. Same is true of relationships, especially your primary one with yourself, & your partner. Not only do I have goals with needs & desires in my life, which guide my every decision, I have different requirements for my relationship with my man. Our love has been deeply embedded in stone since the moment we met 36 years ago. It doesn’t mean there haven’t been BIG challenges. My own growth brought imperative changes to a head last summer. When my subtle hints at what I desired were not eliciting responses from him, I took a HUGE chance and spoke my Truth Out Loud, knowing that he might say “F-ck you” and walk away, only to find someone else to mirror the wounds of his childhood until he dived deep inside to heal himself from within. Instead (he never gives up, one of his most admirable qualities), he started 1:1 men’s coaching (he was not raised by a man, and his father was filled with rage) and this past January he took a 6-month Embodied Men’s Leadership Training which included (2) 5-day retreats removed from society–which rewired him to the core. Same heart, only now not guarded by the trauma of his childhood, instead open & expanded as a Leader of his own Destiny. This past weekend, we took an intimacy seminar led by the same teacher, which blasted our hearts open in ways unimaginable. All because I spoke my truth last summer. Honor your soul’s whisper. It just might give you the Life of your Dreams.

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